"At WheelHealthcare, we are committed to improving the entire healthcare system."

Established in 2007, Wheel Healthcare (WHC) is one the largest global healthcare service and technology provider.

As one of the recognized leaders in the health and well-being industry and pioneer of HealthcareCloudTechnology (HCT), we strive to:

Our family of affiliated companies and partners deliver innovative products and services which are free to millions of patients. WHC's nationwide network includes more than 5000 physicians and health care professionals, 1200 dentists, 100 hospitals and entire network of retail pharmacies and suppliers.

Our pharmaceutical management programs provide more affordable and in most of the cases free access to drugs for millions of patients.

We're committed to the delivery of quality care and its continual improvement. In fact, WHC has made significant investments in research and development, technology and business process improvements in the past three years. These investments led to changes that are improving the way care is delivered and administered across the entire healthcare industry.