Diabetes Education

Diabetes is one of the more prevalent diseases that occur and if properly controlled can be a manageable expense for a health plan. On the other hand uncontrolled diabetes can have serious long term complications and significant expense consequences. Diabetes is an excellent example of a chronic disease that requires more than just good prescription utilization compliance. Much education and time is also required to help the patient understand their disease and the importance of their health habits and how that influences their well being. Clinical pharmacists and nurses are especially trained in diabetes education and patient communication. These clinicians optimize the plan established by the patient's physician. Pharmacists who have expertise in diabetes review evaluate and optimize drug therapy. These experts are easily accessable and are available to work directly with diabetes patients.
We also encourage you to look at the American Diabetes Association website which allows you to have access to the perks such as latest news, recipe of the day, tip of the day, prevention and research updates, as well as local programs available for you to participate in.