Durable Medical Equipment (DME) & Medical Supplies

We’ll be your first and last stop for ALL of your Medical Supply needs. With a product catalog of 10,000+ suppliers with over 40,000 products, WHC carries an extensive range of Durable Medical Equipment (DME) and medical supplies. We provide DME and Medical Supplies to claimants through a nationwide network of credentialed providers to ensure ample coverage and price competitiveness in every geographic area.

Our home-care specialists talk to both the patient and the care giver, evaluate the home environment and provide appropriate equipment as directed by the doctor's treatment plan. Patients and their care givers receive not only equipment, but caring support from our expert staff.


Trained distribution staff delivers the patient's equipment, set it up for safe and easy use by the patient and provide service or maintenance when required. WheelHealthcare is committed to ensuring that every customer receives consistent and reliable services, innovative solutions and superior provider network management. Billing teams with expertise in Medicare, Medicaid and managed care plans handle third-party billing on behalf of the patient.

Products and Services Include: