Integrated Healthcare Cloud Technologies

WheelHealthcare is a pioneer in the use of Cloud-Based Computing Systems to communicate with patients and health service providers. Our 'All-In-One' suite of integrated products and services provide continuous connectivity across healthcare sectors, linking clinics, hospitals, pharmacies and other points of care.

Unlike regular medical information systems using standard computer terminals, WHC uses Integrated Healthcare Cloud Technologies (iHCT) to manage data and provide best care guidelines. Our FREE OF COST, iHCT service provides physicians and patients with critical information at the time of need. By using a handheld mobile device, it allows physicians and their patients to freely access and update their:

 . Medical Histories
 . Medication Data
 . Medical Records
 . Appointment scheduler
 . Order Tracking
 . Billing/Account Receivable
 . Rebate Management 
 . Electronic Prescription Management 
 . Best Care Resources & Guidelines

At the intersection of Healthcare & Technology....

"Our iHCT Suite makes the process of patient record-keeping easier, more accurate, comprehensive and more efficient. Doctors and patients use our online iHCT Portal, which allows them to enter information electronically and makes complete medical history available immediately."

Setting up an account is easy, simple and FREE. You can either register online or call us and within minutes you can start taking advantage of our free and convenient integrated cloud services.