Workers′ Compensation Pharmacy Solution

As prescription-drug benefit costs continue to climb, controlling costs and managing trend is increasingly crucial. Equally important is choosing the right organization with the proven experience, industry expertise and broad resources to help you save money and meet the needs of injured workers.

At WheelHealthcare, we offer unparalleled client service. This includes facilitating prescription medication and expediting home medication delivery for patients as well as managing the claims process for patients, attorneys and doctors. Our experienced and devoted staff includes many former medical professionals who have worked closely with physicians. Our staff also has experience dealing with insurance companies, coordinating referrals and managing medical-office billing both within major healthcare organizations and the private sector. We take pride in our emphasis on great customer service and patient care but, our focus on exceptional patient care also extends to our relationships with our physicians and attorneys.

We provide the perfect workers' compensation pharmacy solution – proven, cost-effective and unique in the industry. As a healthcare service provider, we are strategically positioned and well equipped with resources and reach to help you control your pharmacy program costs and meet the needs of injured workers. We take a strategic approach to workers' compensation, structuring customized client solutions around best-in-class services, which are supported by advanced clinical safety and savings programs. The Workers’ Compensation team includes Account Management, Implementation, Clinical (pharmacists), IT and Sales. Our dedicated Contact Center is available 24 hours a day, seven days per week to provide you and your injured workers quick answers anytime.

For Injured Workers

At WheelHealthcare, treatment of your work-related injury is our top concern. We'll make sure you get the quality medication you need to help you feel better.

We're also committed to providing you with resources to help you make the best decisions regarding your medication therapy. Helping you keep well-informed and safe is a high priority.

How It Works
Free Home Delivery

For Physicians

Doctor knows best: You know what’s better for your patient than an insurance company. Our unique full-service solution offers physicians the complete support of dedicated pharmacies, laboratories, and trained clinical services staff. We will fill the medications that you feel are necessary for your patient, and our staff will handle authorization and verification issues.



WHC utilizes one central location, which makes it easy for you to track the status of your patients’ medications. Our pharmacists are available for phone consultations and assistance in emergency cases.Our staff handles all insurance and administrative duties, which saves you time and allows you and your staff to focus on your patients.

For Attorneys

In certain cases, if claims are in dispute or litigation, WHC will deliver medications on your authority. You can refer your clients to the experienced staff at WHC to handle the day- to-day questions and concerns regarding medications and insurance claims. We offer your clients peace of mind with the knowledge that they will receive their medications when they need them — without having to deal with workers’ compensation carriers.

Our expert billing and customer service staff handles all insurance and administrative duties, which minimizes hassles for you and your firm. Our pharmacists and staff are available to answer questions regarding your clients’ pharmaceutical needs.


We instruct patients to simply call us at 1-855-WheelHC for information on medications and delivery, which frees up valuable staff time.


Workers′ Compensation Pharmacy Solution

We accept most workers' compensation insurances. You will be asked to provide the following information prior to placing your order:

    . Employer Information
    . Worker's Compensation Carrier Name
    . Claim Number
    . Date of Injury/Accident
    . Adjuster's Contact Information (Name and Phone Number)

Please inform our staff if your insurance or personal information (address, phone, etc.) has recently changed. It is important that we have this information for insurance verification and pre-certification.

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